Detailed Armbar Submission in less than 60 seconds with video

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - (BJJ) is the art of making someone submit. One of the most popular submissions is the Ambar. Learning the armbar correctly at an early stage in your BJJ career will greatly increase your BJJ vision, because many of the concepts contained in a (good armbar) translate to a high percentage of other useful techniques. Below is a video filmed at the Rice University BJJ club. The technique takes less than 60 seconds to demonstrate. Watch it now. 

Technique recap of armbar from the mount w/ Rilion Gracie black belt instructor Drew Lockwood for Rice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club.

How many details did you catch in this video? Every detail in this video has a purpose. There was no aimless explanation. You don't have to understand why all the details matter as a beginner, but you still need to preform all the details to finish the submission on a consistent basis. With all the data I have accumulated on the mat this is the easiest and most efficient way I have found for beginners to apply the armbar submission from the mount position. 

Now to get good at this submission you have to repeat the technique with all the details. Don't try and pinpoint all the details simply mirror the video. You have to feel the submission. Similar to the technique of a squat or dead-lift, when you do it right it feels correct.

Detailed Armbar Submission

Achieving the perfect technique is hard to do on your own. The best advise I can give you is to find a good professor and trust them. If your professor is doing their job correctly they will only tell you something that makes you better. The BJJ learning curve can be greatly shortened by a competent professor.

Here at Rilion Gracie West Houston we specialize in teaching beginners and pride ourselves on developing technical black belts. If you are interested in trying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu our Academy is located in Houston's Energy Corridor. Feel free to stop by and try a class. We love meeting new people and sharing our knowledge with the community. 

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